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A few years ago, I was first diagnosed with PCOS, then hypothyroidism, and finally with IBS. As my health seemed to spiral out of control, I became increasingly dissatisfied with Western medicine with its exclusive focus on symptoms and pharmacology.


I wanted to go deeper and understand the underlying causes to truly learn to manage my medical issues and to eventually heal myself. I began to, as a result, look for holistic healing practices that addressed root causes of diseases and that believed in the body's ability to heal itself with the right support.


Among other things, my research helped me understand the importance of consuming nutrient-dense foods and led me to the organic food movement. To have control over what goes on my plate, I began to teach myself how to grow some of my own vegetables and herbs. I grew plants in spaces ranging from my apartment balcony to community-garden plots.


In the process, I discovered various organic gardening methods, including square-foot-gardening and Back to Eden (BTE), which in turn have helped me to create my own version of 'No Till, No Kill' in keeping with my Jain philosophy of no-harm and my interest in environmental sustainability. Without quite realizing it, I've become an urban gardener. 

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