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Courses I currently teach: (Face-to-Face, Structured Remote Teaching, Hybrid, and Distance Learning Formats)
Advanced Integrated Skills ELAI990
An advanced integrated skills course in academic English for multilingual speakers of English. Emphasis on reading and aural comprehension of academic input and appropriate use of academic English in writing expository essays and short responses to readings and lectures. (Companion ebook -- Demystifying Academic English: Advanced Integrated Skills for Translingual Students of English)
Academic Reading II ELAR980
The second required course in academic reading for multilingual speakers of English continues the teaching of academic reading of academic English presented in the preceding course. Emphasis on the advanced college skills required for success in content courses, including college-level paragraph and essay comprehension, critical reading, textbook and media analysis, and rhetorical patterns. Additional laboratory required. 
Academic Writing II ELAW980
The second course in a sequence of two courses designed to teach academic writing of academic English to multilingual speakers of English. Emphasis on appropriate use of a variety of sentence structures, complex verb forms, modifiers, and punctuation, and ability to produce content based and expository multi-paragraph compositions in and out of class and short responses to academic readings.
TESOL Instruction History

Professor, ELAP, Montgomery College Sept. 2023-Present

Associate Professor, ELAP, Montgomery College Aug. 2018-Aug. 2023

Assistant Professor, AELP/ELAP, Montgomery College Aug. 2016-July 2018

Teach courses that focus on English for Academic Purposes, including composition, reading, and writing courses, for students who speak English as an additional language. Also, advise students and participate in textbook development in the Program.

Term Assistant Professor, INTO Mason, George Mason University Fall 2015-Summer 2016

Taught integrated English language skills as well as interpersonal/intercultural communication to international students at undergraduate and graduate levels in GMU’s Academic English program.

Adjunct Instructor, Montgomery College, MD Summer 2009-2016

Instructed adult English language learners in the pre-academic ESL program.

Adjunct Instructor, INTO Mason, George Mason University Summer 2015

Taught integrated skills (e.g., reading/writing and listening/speaking) in the intensive Academic English program.

Instructor, School of Public Health, UMCP Summer 2012, 2013, 2015

Instructed 30 undergraduate students, visiting from South Korea, in academic reading and writing as well as nonacademic English.

Writing Consultant, The Writing Center, Department of English, UMCP Fall 2010

Provided consultation and guidance to undergraduate students, including those with an ESL background, at all levels and stages of the academic composing process.

Visiting Faculty, T.I.M.E. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India June 2003 – July 2004

Instructed college students in such areas as English grammar, vocabulary, writing, and reading comprehension in preparation for national-level competitive examinations.

TESOL Teacher Education History

Lecturer, TLPL (EDCI), College of Education, UMCP Summer 2012 – Spring 2014

EDCI436/633 Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication for Teaching English Language Learners

EDCI435/638 Teaching ELLs Reading and Writing in the Secondary Content Areas

Graduate Instructor, EDCI, College of Education, UMCP

Instructor of Record Fall 2008-2010: EDCI436/633 Understanding Cross-Cultural Communication for Teaching English Language Learners

Co-Instructor Summer 2007: EDCI788N Teaching English(es) Around the World

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